Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guantlet Challenge

Hi All

Everyone knows I play fast, but this past week I played at hyper speed, even for me. The increment time control lets me pose 2 challenges to anyyone who dares accept! In my second game against Max after move 17 I had 26:06 left on my clock, that's 17 moves in 19 seconds or 1.12 sec/move, so the first challenge is to have more time then 26:06 at some point during a game. After move 22 I had 25:14 left, this was the latest point in the game that I had more than 25 minutes on my clock, so the second challenge is to have more than 25 minutes after move 22, byn the way it is okay to go below 22, then back over at a later point. Interestingly I still had the better position at this point, it wasn't until I slowed down that I started playing poorly and eventually lost. For the game see John's post on the Chess Coroner.
good luck in your games, and in beating my speed records if you dare.